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Your donations to Al-Qudwa Institute are making a profound difference in our community. With your support, we can continue raising awareness to help eradicate Islamophobia by battling misconceptions, myths and false notions regarding Islam.


Your generosity helps us to continue to be a valuable resource for our community and beyond by providing high-quality teaching, tuition services, seminars, publications and online content. 


We aim to inspire others to contribute to society based on the true principles of Islam, so that we may change the discourse and dialogue globally.


Yes, one of the main purposes of Al-Qudwa Institute is to battle the misconceptions that lead to Islamophobia and extremism, making it a legitimate recipient of zakaat. This position is supported by a number of contemporary Sunni scholars, including the Islamic Fiqh Council. Dawah is included in the category of 'fi sabeel-illah', mentioned in the verse of Surat at-Tawbah detailing the deserving recipients of zakaat.

Is this donation Zakaat-eligible?

How do we keep our content free?

We do not receive any government funding, but rather depend on generous individual donations to support our mission. From our beginning as an educational and research initiative, we have strived to keep our content free and accessible. This allows anyone seeking guidance to have a means of authentic knowledge and information readily available to them.

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