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Al-Qudwa simply translates to Role Model in the Arabic language.

About Us

Al-Qudwa Institute is a contemporary Islamic institute and research centre dedicated to building a community of role models through education and community work to empower our future generations. 

We aim to actively bridge the gaps in our society by directly addressing relevant issues led by the United Kingdom's leading Islamic research scholars.


We strive to not only teach the true love and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the Muslim faith, but to also help eradicate Islamophobia and extremism by battling misconceptions, myths and false notions regarding Islam.

Our Mission

Our pursuit of excellence embraces core religious principles aligned with British values at the heart of everything we do. We believe that in order to make a true difference, our approach must be founded on inclusivity, conviction, integrity and purpose. 

Our mission is to be a comprehensive resource to individuals seeking answers and guidance by providing educational courses, curriculum, publications, seminars and activities. We want Al-Qudwa Institute to not only be a means of knowledge and information, but to also provide a path to spiritual enlightenment.

By inspiring our members, supporters and students to contribute to society based on the true principles of Islam, we can change the discourse and dialogue globally.

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