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For one month, Muslims from Bradford to Brisbane will forgo food, water and temptations from dawn to dusk.

The month of Ramadan is an annual anchor in the Islamic calendar - a time when worshippers increase their prayers and acts of charity. They gather joyfully with family and friends at sunset, when they break the fast at tables laden with mouth-watering dishes and seasonal fruits.

Al-Qudwa Institute have created a concise Ramadan guide, articles, activities and lessons for children and much more to keep you connected and help you utilise Ramadan at home. 

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activity book

Download our interactive 30-day Ramadan Activity Book, with lessons and fun activities for children of all ages. Learn a new message every day throughout the blessed month from the Quran and Hadith.


What we did in RAMADAN 2020?


people viewed our content from all across the globe during Ramadan 2020.

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donated towards the Qur'an Appeal for students, seekers and new Muslims.


countries reached online via our website and social media.

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